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One of the best ways to grow your Tiktok account in 2022 and get more views on your videos is to use trending sounds. Jumping on popular trends can give you a huge boost in the algorithm, getting your content in front of more people and potentially helping you to go viral. In fact, using […]

How to Find Trending Sounds on Tiktok in 2022

I started using Pinterest for my travel blog in 2019 & quickly realised that it was a goldmine when it came to converting traffic. I couldn't understand why so many brands and businesses weren't using it! 

It became clear that the majority weren't aware of just how much traffic (and money!) they were leaving on the table. And even when they did know how powerful Pinterest was, they had no clue how to make it work for them. 

I knew I could help people create big change and set about creating the perfect strategy to generate explosive traffic and huge sales - all through the power of Pinterest. And so Atlas was born.

I'm Pinterest's biggest fan - but not in the wedding planning, recipe gathering kind of way. In the marketing magic kind of way...

Hi, I'm Emma. 

Just starting out with Pinterest and want to do it the right way? I've got you. Grab our free Pinterest Set-Up for Success Guide for peace of mind.

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