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a whole lotta Pintrest freebies...

warning: may be the catalyst for some serious online growth.

Pinterest Set-Up for Success Guide

'I'm so excited to get started with Pinterest but I'm scared I'll do it in the wrong way and mess up before I've even begun!'

Sound familiar?

There's no chance you can mess it up when you use my easy step-by-step Pinterest set-up guide. This has everything you need to know about setting up your Pinterest account the right way, so you can reap the rewards later!

Remember: you've got this!

Pinterest Strategy Roadmap

'I know Pinterest could be seriously life changing for my business but I don't know the first thing about implementing a strategy!' 

I've got you! 

This free Pinterest Strategy Roadmap breaks it down step-by-step. By the end you'll know all of the key components that will make or break your Pinterest strategy and you'll be ready to take action for growth.

Sound good?

Pinterest Audit Checklist

You've been on Pinterest for a while but you think you could do with upping your game to see real change? 

You need this free Pinterest Audit Checklist!

Audits are one of the most important parts of my work. They're what really moves the needle when it comes to marketing yourself on Pinterest. 

If you want to steal the checklist I use to do my own Pinterest audits, you have to swipe this freebie! 

5 Perfect Pinterest Templates

'Help! I don't know how to design a high-converting pin for Pinterest!'

Don't panic!

These 5 free pin templates are just what you need to help you get started. They're fully customisable. Just pop in your own copy, photo, and brand colours. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

I can't wait to see your content shining on Pinterest with these pin templates.

My Favourite Pinterest Tools 







My favourite place to create eye-catching pins that convert

The only Pinterest scheduler you'll ever find me recommending. This makes posting a breeze!

My Pinterest Templates make creating fresh pins super quick and easy! Get 15% off with code resources15!

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