Take the guesswork out with a Pinterest strategy specifically designed for your brand. 

Custom Pinterest Strategy

My Pinterest strategy service provides you with everything you need to succeed. 

I start with a deep dive into your brand. I'll find out exactly what your goals are, so I can tailor a strategy for achieving them.

Then I head to your account for a thorough audit and get a good understanding of what is and isn't working. From here I create an in-depth custom strategy, including everything you could possibly need to to market your business organically on Pinterest.

This includes all of your keyword research, search engine optimisation recommendations, and even a pack of 20 custom Pinterest templates.

Let's take out the guesswork!

For bloggers, brands, and coaches that want to take control of their own account but need a little guidance...

you've been putting off Pinterest marketing because you don't know where to start

you don't know how to create a strategy for yourself

you like having control of your brand but need some guidance to be effective

you are ready and excited to implement a strategy yourself

you want to grow organically - this service does not include paid ad strategy!

My Pinterest Strategy Service is for you if...

if this sounds like you, then keep reading!

Onboarding questionnaire

1:1 twenty minute initial call where we dive into your brand, audience, and pain points

Audit of your existing Pinterest account

Research on your website content, landing pages, and sales funnels 

Intensive niche and keyword research

Custom in-depth Pinterest strategy document designed for your brand

What's included:

Pinterest Strategy

what's included

Pinterest keyword bank including 150+ personalised keywords for your niche

20 Custom Pinterest Templates

1:1 call reviewing your strategy and answering any questions

Email access to me for 30 days should you have any questions

cost: £725 GBP

I aim to let all prospective clients know within a week via email whether I think we'd work well together. If it doesn't seem like the right fit, I'll endeavour to recommend another Pinterest manager that I feel would work better with your niche/business!

Due to demand, I ask all prospective clients to complete an application form. This gives me a better understanding of your brand and whether we'd be a good fit to work together! I take all client work very seriously & am careful not to overstretch myself, so that everyone I do work with gets the best experience possible.



application senT - how exciting! I'll be in touch soon! 

I started using Pinterest for my travel blog in 2019 & quickly realised that it was a goldmine when it came to converting traffic. I couldn't understand why so many brands and businesses weren't using it! 

It became clear that the majority weren't aware of just how much traffic (and money!) they were leaving on the table. And even when they did know how powerful Pinterest was, they had no clue how to make it work for them. 

I knew I could help people create big change and set about creating the perfect strategy to generate explosive traffic and huge sales - all through the power of Pinterest. And so Atlas was born.

I'm Pinterest's biggest fan - but not in the wedding planning, recipe gathering kind of way. In the marketing magic kind of way... 

Hey , I'm Emma.