It's time to take back control of your online presence and make social media work for you, not against you.

Perfecting your online strategy is what we do 

There's a better way - Pinterest!

Here's the thing about Pinterest - it's a search engine. That means your ideal audience are actively looking for someone just like you, right now. 

All you have to do is show up on there and provide value. Do these two simple things and you'll be ahead of the curve. The traffic to your website will start to boom and you'll be selling more services than you've ever dreamed of! 

Is it really that easy? 

Well, kind of. It's true that most businesses aren't harnessing the power of Pinterest right now and that even getting a seat at the table means you're ahead of the game. But if you really want to see results, you need a strategy. 

That's where we come in. 

For brands and businesses that are tired of pumping hours into Instagram and not seeing results...

Take your blog or service-based business to the next level

Increase traffic to your site

Find new clients

Build an extensive email list

Increase revenue

Skyrocket organic growth

If you're ready to:

I've got you! Get ready to go from zero to hero with one of my personalised plans.

Know that Pinterest is the magic key to unlocking your potential but don't know where to start? 

then I've got exactly what you need.

Tiktok Consultation

Pinterest Consultation

Pinterest Strategy

Pick your plan of action.

Get your custom strategy for £725 GBP

1:1 initial call where we dive into your brand, audience, and pain points

Audit of your existing account 

Intensive niche and keyword research

Custom in-depth Pinterest strategy document designed for your brand

Pinterest keyword bank including 150+ personalised keywords for your niche

1:1 strategy call where questions are answered & adjustments are made

20 custom Pinterest templates

What's included:

My Pinterest Strategy Service starts with a deep dive into your brand. I'll find out exactly what your business goals are and how we can use Pinterest to make them a reality. 

Then it's down to business. I do some serious research on keywords and competitors, audit your account, and create an in-depth strategy document outlining everything you need to do to ace the Pinterest game. All you have to do is implement my suggestions! 

A done-for-you Pinterest strategy specifically designed for your brand. 

Know you need a strategy but want the freedom to take control of your own account? This is for you. 

Pinterest Strategy

adventure one

Make an impact for £180 GBP

1:1 60 minute video consultation

Completely personalised to your needs

Keyword bank of 50 carefully researched keywords relevant to your niche

1 week of email support, should you have any further questions

What's included:

Are you looking for clarity? Perhaps you want to learn more about how Pinterest works or you have specific questions relating to your current strategy. 

Get answers with one of my Power Hour Consultations.

Power Hour Consultation

adventure three

Make an impact for £249 GBP

What's included:

My Power Hour Consultations are just what they sound like - an hour full of impactful advice in the form of a question and answer session.

I'll ask you to send us over a list 3-5 topics and/or questions beforehand so we can ensure that you get the most out of your session. Then we'll spend an hour 1:1 putting your mind at ease and providing you with the answers you need. 

adventure four

Tiktok Strategy

Keen to start on Tiktok but feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe you're already on there but aren't seeing any growth?

I can help with that!

Tiktok is new to a lot of creators, coaches, and businesses. But if you want to build a connection with your ideal audience and find new customers, it's the place to be! 

In my consulting role, I'll teach you the exact strategies I personally used to go from 0 to 27K in just two weeks and how you can implement them for your account and niche. 

This includes an audit of your account, as well as content ideas, and teaching you my best kept secrets! 

1:1 initial call where we dive into your brand, audience, and pain points

Audit of your existing account 

Creation of content pillars

Custom Tiktok strategy document designed for your brand

1:1 strategy call where I teach you specific tools for growth

Weekly trend alert emails for 1 month

5 Perfect Pinterest Templates


Pinterest Set Up for Success Guide


100 Hooks for Viral Tiktok Videos


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I started using Pinterest for my travel blog in 2019 & quickly realised that it was a goldmine when it came to converting traffic. I couldn't understand why so many brands and businesses weren't using it! 

It became clear that the majority weren't aware of just how much traffic (and money!) they were leaving on the table. And even when they did know how powerful Pinterest was, they had no clue how to make it work for them. 

I knew I could help people create big change and set about creating the perfect strategy to generate explosive traffic and huge sales - all through the power of Pinterest. And so Atlas was born.

I'm Pinterest's biggest fan - but not in the wedding planning, recipe gathering kind of way. In the marketing magic kind of way... 

Hey , I'm Emma. 

Ready to take the leap and create big change?

We see the power of Pinterest first hand everyday...